Household insurance: Check old contracts and save

Almost three in four Germans own household insurance. But many of the contracts are at least eight years old and only the fewest insured review their old contract over time. Only when a damage occurs, the insurance documents are sighted. Often consumers then realize too late that they are under or over insured. With a recent insurance comparison on the Internet, they can now refresh their protection. Incidentally, a change of providers often allows for savings of up to 50 percent.

Review of old insurance contracts is worthwhile

Since most Germans, the security of their own belongings is enormously important, they have at some point a household insurance. After conclusion of the contract, the documents often disappear in the closet and are forgotten. “On average, the contracts for home contents insurance are eight years and older,” Michael Werner, insurance expert . “This means that many insured today are insured insufficient and at the same time pay too much for the protection, because now there are much better offers for home contents insurance in the market.”

Enormous potential savings in home contents insurance

A price and performance comparison on the Internet can help consumers in the search for a current and above all cheaper offer. For example, over 100 home insurance rates can be compared in detail . Consumers quickly and easily find out whether a change of tariffs or providers pays off for them. “Again and again, I experience customers who are annoyed because they were insured for years, and at the same time paid too much money. Many can save up to 50 percent of the insurance premiums by changing them, “Dr. Werner.

Home contents insurance find the test winner

In a ranking of a total of 17 comparison portals for home contents insurance, has now reached a top position. Service Value GmbH rated the comparison portal as “very good” and certified the “green portal” a high level of customer orientation. , consumers can not only get a free and non-binding overview of the numerous offers on the market. If you have any questions about the right insurance cover, you can also contact experienced insurance experts at the free service hotline on 0800 300 3009. As soon as the right offer is found, interested parties can either take out home contents insurance online or request a personal offer.